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Aida C. Escobar Elementary

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PSJA Sonia M Sotomayor Building Blocks Academy

PSJA Sonia M. Sotomayor Building Blocks Academy



PSJA Sonia M. Sotomayor Building Blocks Academy
Our vision is to provide a robust and sustainable high-quality early childhood education that meets the unique needs of the whole child. We are committed to supporting children beginning with their first school experiences. The PSJA Building Blocks Academy's goals are to increase kindergarten readiness, capacity, and access to high-quality Pre-K Programs. By providing high-quality early learning experiences, PSJA ISD ensures that Pre-K 3 through Kindergarten students are ready, connected, and complete for post-secondary success.

As an early childhood hub, the Building Blocks Academy will lay the foundation for students 3 years and older within our collaborative community by equipping them with the academic and social-emotional skills critical for success in grade school, college, career, and life by providing equitable access to a developmentally appropriate, high-quality education.


Play-Based Learning
Play provides opportunities to learn, to laugh, and to build a loving relationship with children. The support our students receive from PSJA ISD-certified teachers in exploring through play and everyday activities is an important part of a child's development. Talking and listening to children, asking them to explain their thinking, and making learning fun through play and everyday activities help them to develop a positive attitude toward school readiness.

School Readiness
* Development Language &  Communication
* Emergent Literacy Reading & Writing 
* Physical Development
*Social Studies
* Mathematics
* Technology
* Fine Arts
* Science

Program Highlights

• Certified Bilingual Early Childhood Teachers
• Home Access to Children’s Learning Institute Parent Portal
• Developmentally Appropriate Instructional Materials
• Dual Language Enrichment Program
• School Readiness Instruction
• State Adopted Curriculum
• Progress Monitoring Tools
• Technology Integration
• Play-based Learning
• Special Education Services

Contact Us

Contact Us
1200 E. Polk St. Pharr, TX



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